It’s Just a Season

I will not be daunted by an interval.

These eight words have been all I’ve had to hold on to for the past few days.  I have found that I am in a very weird, pensive space.  Disappointment after disappointment, frustration after frustration have amassed themselves all around me.  There have been many times that I feel that giving up would be a lot easier than going on.  To some it may sound like a lack of faith, but it’s more of a lack of support – from community and even from God.  There were times when gratefulness gave way to anger, joy gave way to sorrow, and contentment gave way to frustration.  I felt like Smokie Norful’s words,

Sometimes I feel like giving up, It seems like my best just ain’t good enough. Lord if you hear me, I’m calling you.  Do you see, do you care all about what I’m going through?

I was at my breaking point.  Either God had to speak or I was going to walk out.  Then I remembered that I am not the only person to every be frustrated and angry with God.  So when I picked up Howard Thurman’s The Inward Journey and opened it up, the title “Not Daunted by an Interval” immediately spoke to me.  As I read, I reflected on my life and about the journey that I had been through up until this point.  I thought about how I had grown increasingly frustrated and angry and recent weeks.  I thought about how at the time when I needed my friends the most, most of them were too busy to check on me, sit with me, and just be present with me.

Then the words from my first sermon that I preached in seminary flooded back to me – “This is not the end of my story.”  I may be angry and frustrated right now, but this is not the end of my story.  I may feel isolated and alone right now, but this is not the end of my story.  This is not the end of my story because scripture tells me that the same God that brought Jesus to Good Friday also “got him up” on Easter morning.

The power that enables a person to resist the terrible necessity for scaling down his faith, his hopes, his dreams, his commitment, to the level of the event which is his immediate experience – this is finally the meaning of the triumph of life over death, of strength over weakness, of joy over sorrow, of love over hate. This is the power of the Resurrection, which is rooted in the life of Go, available to all men in every age, in every faith, everywhere. [1]

Don’t allow your present circumstances to cause you to give up on your God-sized, God-given dreams.  Remember that what ever your story sounds like right now, it is still being written.  This is just a season!  Keep dreaming!  Keep running!  Keep believing!  Keep trusting!

The Word of Marcus…

[1] Howard Thurman. The Inward Journey (Richmond, IN: Friends United Press, 1971), 71.

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One thought on “It’s Just a Season

  1. Thank you Marcus for sharing your word. I experienced a similar season during my senior year at the ITC. It was more profound after completing my Senior Intergrative paper. I began to reflect back on my season(s) at ITC realizing those who had been there, those who weren’t and those who maybe. It was an alone space without experiencing loneliness. I realized in that space during my last season at ITC . I had a passion for G-d that I would give my life unto my death love and minister all of G-ds people. With understanding that G-d will be with me where ever I go !

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